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It looks like those disgusting excuses for human beings who support discrimination against homosexuals are now getting desperate as their internal sickness is being rejected across the political spectrum.

I’m sure yesterday was a particularly rough day for these sick bastards as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the Let’s Discriminate Against Gays!” bill AND a federal District Court struck down the Texas statute declaring marriage to be exclusively between a man and woman.

In response to getting their asses handed to them across the board, today they offer their latest example of their brilliance; a “challenge” that questions whether a white man covered in Nazi, KKK, and other racist tattoos can be refused service at a black barbershop. These sick fucks would like you to believe there is some connection between their barbershop scenario and denying products or services to homosexuals.

Perhaps these turds actually believe there is some connection. Most bigots have low IQs, so perhaps they actually believe their own bullshit. Perhaps.

But let us be thorough and explore the reality [always lost on bigots] of the absurd scenario they paint.

The only standard that should lawfully exist in a land of liberty for denying anyone products or services that are readily and openly available to every other member of society is if the person being denied is/has engaged in conduct reasonably understood to harm the business. A plain example of this would be someone who enters a convenience store and starts tossing merchandise on the floor. At best he is causing a disturbance that may well cause other customers to leave, and at worst he is damaging/destroying the property of the business. No matter how one looks at it, he is harming the business.

Now let us look at another example. A woman walks into a convenience store. She smiles pleasantly at the clerk, selects her desired items, lays then on the counter before the clerk with money in hand, ready to pay and be on her way. The clerk says “Get out of here nigger bitch! We don’t want your kind in here!” I don’t know of any rational thinking human who wishes the law to turn a blind eye to that conduct.

Now let us imagine that very same situation, but this time the female patron is white. As she waits for the clerk to ring up her items, a co-work silently mouths to the clerk, “lesbian”. The clerk then says “Get the fuck out of here you cunt-sucking lesbian!” I don’t know of any rational thinking human who wishes the law to turn a blind eye to that conduct – but I apparently know more than a few walking pieces of shit who do.

Let us now turn our attention to the barbershop. After all, that is the ignorance that spawned this article. The scenario painted by the morons is that the white man is covered in tattoos that convey a hatred of blacks. But let us alter that scenario for just a moment (and then return to it “as presented”).

Imagine that the white man had no tattoos but walked into the barbershop holding a big white sign bearing the words “I hate niggers!” How should we look at that? How should the barbershop owner look at that? Only a moron bigot (but I repeat myself) would not see that such a sign certainly constitutes a “disturbance”, and probably more than that. As such the man with the sign is harming the business and the owner is quite properly within his rights to not only deny the man service but to demand he leave the property.

Now let us return to the actual scenario. Is not a visible tattoo that says “I hate niggers!” exactly the same as the sign? Of course it is.
What if the tattoo was simply the letters “KKK”. Most people, white and black alike, are aware that the KKK is known for lynching black Americans. I think it is reasonable for people – perhaps especially blacks – to see a KKK tattoo as making the exact same statement as “I hate niggers!” In other words, a white man entering a black barbershop covered in tattoos that speak to racial hatred IS harming the business and can be refused service and ordered off the property.

Pretty simple stuff when you take half a second to think about it.

But as I indicated at the top, as these fucktards get desperate to defend their inner sickness they have no choice but to show the world exactly how far into the depths of ignorance their sickness drives them.

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