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BRIEF VIDEO WITHIN ARTICLE – I know some people consider Iran somewhat akin to Satan. But I’d like to take a moment to share with you some factual history about the U.S. and Iran.

From the mid-1800s through WWII relations between Iran and the U.S. were cordial. Let me state that another way…for 100 years U.S.-Iranian relations were cordial.

So what changed that?

In 1953 the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Muhammed Mossedeq, was deposed in a CIA orchestrated coup, under the code name “Operation Ajax”. You see, the British had always controlled Iranian oil. Though Iran was supposed to receive 15% of all oil profits, the British would never permit the Iranians to see or audit the financial records. Mossedeq was so audacious as to believe that the Iranians should reap the benefits of Iran’s oil. Interestingly, though a Muslim, Mossedeq believed in the western model of a secular government

So, the Brits asked the CIA to oust the democratically elected leader of Iran and install a shill…you know…someone who would be London and Washington’s bitch. The CIA agreed and Mossedeq was overthrown and the Shah – whose royal prerogatives had been severely curtailed as democracy grew in Iran – was restored to complete control of Iran. Shortly thereafter deals were made that put the lions’ share of Iranian oil under U.S. and British control. What a shock! The U.S. then provided massive funding for the Shah’s military and secret police. Many of Mossedeq’s political allies were arrested, tortured, and executed. All on Uncle Sam’s dime. And let’s not mince words here. The Shah was Washington’s sock puppet.

Of course we know how that ended. In 1979 those who wanted the Iranian government to be in charge of Iran, rather than the US., succeeded in overthrowing the Shah – and Iran became a Muslim theocracy.

So…let me ask you a question. If the people of a Muslim country democratically elected a national leader who believed in secular government – and is what Americans today might call a “moderate” – and then the U.S. overthrows that guy and returns complete power to a dictator with a violent secret police, what type of government do you think the people of that nation would put in place next? If you said “hardliners” you’d be right. And that’s exactly what they did in 1979 – and it has been that way ever since.

Now we come to the Iran nuke deal, which is the real subject of this video.

A lot people are screaming that it’s a bad deal. It may or may not be a bad deal, but 99% of the people screaming that have little, if any, idea what the actual terms of the agreement are. hat those terms actually are is not the subject of this video.

I’d like to discuss with you what this agreement REALLY is…not what you’ve been told it is.

You’ve been told the purpose of the agreement is to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. That’s bullshit.

This agreement essentially welcomes Iran into the community of countries with nuclear weapons. That is the true purpose of the agreement. Though no one really knows if Iran has been able to produce nuclear weapons yet, this agreement presumes that if Iran doesn’t already have such weapons, it will in the next few years.

The EU and the US have imposed stronghold sanctions against Iran and many of its wealthiest citizens for decades now.

We hear a lot about Iran violating its agreements. But Iran doesn’t see it that way. The non-U.S. controlled government of Iran is not a signatory to the UN Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Sure, the Shah signed it, but I don’t think any rational person imagines the signature of Washington’s sock puppet would, could, or should, bind the current Iranian government.

Iran has entered into small incremental agreements with some of the countries that have seized Iranian assets, for the purpose of getting their assets released. But think of it from the Iranian’s point of view. Those assets have been illegally stolen by those governments. Those governments seized Iran’s assets for no better reason than to blackmail Iran into capitulation. It hasn’t work. Why would Iran feel bound to honor agreements made with blackmailers? I know I wouldn’t feel ethically bound to honor an agreement I made with a blackmailer!

So…if Iran IS going to possess nuclear weapons – which I believe is inevitable – would you want to be the countries illegally holding Iran’s assets in a blatant blackmail attempt when those nuclear weapons become operational?

How about a suitcase nuke in Dallas? Maybe one in London. Perhaps an airliner detonates an on-board nuke as it flies over Paris.

THAT is what this deal is about. This deal reflects the reality that Iran has, or will soon have, nuclear weapons, and the countries Iran might target with those nukes in retribution for continuing theft of its property, want out of that position. I think that’s 100% understandable.

Will Iran violate the terms of this agreement? I imagine so. They feel no ethical obligation to play by “the rules” with thieves and blackmailers. I wouldn’t.

What does this have to do with liberty? First, you’ve been lied to by the U.S. government. But that’s nothing new, as I’ve long said, “The government lies, lies all the time, and lies even when the truth would serve it well.”

Jefferson believed that liberty could only be kept alive by the general diffusion of useful information throughout the public. So…do we buy the government’s bullshit, or tell our fellow Americans the truth about this deal? If, like me, you feel our fellow Americans deserve to know the truth, grab the link to this story and spread it far and wide.

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