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The Lafayette theater shooting has resulted in an increase in gun control rhetoric again, so I thought I’d give you 5 lightening fast facts you can use to shut down the anti-liberty crowd.

1. The number of guns in America. Identifiable statistics say there are just over 300,000,000 firearms in the U.S. But experts agree the true number is likely much, much higher. So…what do these number mean? They mean that the genie is out of the bottle, and can never be put back in. There is simply no way to remove hundreds of millions of guns from that portion of American society that believes down to their core possessing firearms is a fundamental right. Anti-gunners can disagree all they want, but to put their beliefs into practice they’d have to have the balls to try to take guns by force. Gun control is a wonderfully passionate subject for anti-gunners to talk about boldly, but not for a moment do they have the intestinal fortitude to take personal action. Unless they want to place their own lives at risk by trying take our guns by force, they’re just punks running their mouths – which is what they are.

2. You will never pass any law – that I will respect – if it requires me to surrender my ability to effectively defend myself from a deadly assailant, or multiple assailants. I am under no obligation to endure serious bodily injury or perhaps death in order to satisfy someone else’s utopian vision of the world. And hundreds of millions Americans feel the same way I do!

3. The anti-gunners love to claim that more guns results in more shootings. The evidence proves just the opposite. But let’s for a moment pretend the anti gunner’s lie is actually true. If it were true, who would be doing this “more” shooting? The good guys obviously because the anti-gunners are never talking about disarming criminals. Their efforts are always focused on taking guns away from me and you, not the bad guys. Since they’re only talking about disarming the law-abiding public, from where would this increase in guns come from they speak of? Well, from more law-abiding citizens carrying guns, of course. And THAT is their concern. So, if more law-abiding citizens are carrying guns, and there were to be more shootings, who is it you imagine would be the ones getting shot? Right! The bad guys. So even if the anti-gunner’s lie was true – that more guns results in more shootings – they fail to mention the increase would be in bad guys getting shot. What sort of unethical bastards want fewer bad guys shot at the expense of injury or death to good law-abiding citizens? Wow.

4. The anti-gunners love to say that if you just cooperate with the bad guys – and give them what they want – nothing will happen to you; you’ll be fine. Really? How about the Westroads Mall shooting, the Trolley Square shooting, the Tacoma Mall shooting, the Aurora theater shooting, the Lafayette theater shootings, or the 5 family members stabbed to death just a week ago. These are prime examples, right out of the headlines, that “cooperation” isn’t even a factor in some deadly attacks; that the shooter isn’t seeking anyone’s cooperation, only their death.

5. Owning – and carrying – a firearm has been twice declared by the U.S. Supreme Court to be an individual right, just like freedom of speech or freedom of assembly. It was declared first in “District of Columbia v. Heller” and then again two years later in “McDonald v City of Chicago”. While the Court made it clear that declaring it an individual right didn’t foreclose reasonable regulation – such as not yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater is reasonable regulation of free speech – the right to own and carry firearms is now and forever declared an individual fundamental right. Though anti-gunners don’t like to admit it, that’s game over for them.

In summary; the problem isn’t that too many law-abiding citizens are carrying firearms. The problem is that not enough Americans accept the responsibility of carrying a firearm.


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Aug 3, 2015

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