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BRIEF VIDEO IN ARTICLE – A week ago I released a video in which I said the Iran Nuke Deal was, in actuality, the West welcoming Iran into the community of nations with nuclear weapons. Some people said I was full of it. I suspect they simply could not believe the federal government would lie to them – or at least lie to that extent.

Anyone who thinks the U.S. government wouldn’t “lie to that extent” hasn’t been paying attention.

Since I released that video, additional information has become available that substantiates my original analysis. There’s a lot of information supporting my contention, but I’ll just touch on a few new points because those whose minds are open to the truth will grasp it quickly enough, and the rest will simply have to learn over time that I was correct.


First, we have the statements of the Iranian state press.

Hamid Baeidinejad, an official in the Iranian foreign ministry, stated that, “The remarks by the western officials are…merely uttered for domestic use….” There was a lot more the Iranian news report, but their point is the characterizations of the deal being made by U.S. officials to the American public are simply for the purpose of not having to acknowledge the truth about the agreement.

Now, one news report does not validation make. But there’s more.

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton said he was briefed on two “side-deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, know as the IAEA. John Kerry said he was briefed on these side deals – but hadn’t actually read them. Can you say “side-stepping future accountability”?

Senator Cotton said that under the terms of these “side deals” Iran is allowed to collect its own samples and submit those samples to the IAEA. Think about that. A prospective employer wouldn’t allow you to bring in a urine sample for a drug test without proof that it’s your urine, but the international nuclear community is going to let Iran provide whatever samples it chooses.

And since Kerry and the other nations did such great work, we should be able to see all the relevant documents, right? Well, no.

An unnamed state department official said, “Congress has every document that we have, and every Member of Congress and every staff member with the necessary security clearance can review all of the documents.” Does that sound like you can see them?

So, Iran knows all the details of what it agreed to. The U.S. government knows all the details of what Iran agreed to. The International Atomic Energy Agency knows all the details of what Iran agreed to. It’s only the American people who can’t be told what the Iranians agreed to. Hmmm.

If you can’t see that Iran is being welcomed into the community of nations with nuclear weapons, you might be smoking crack.

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Aug 3, 2015

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