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Vladimir Putin’s latest moves in Syria have revealed the lies and other deceptions of the United States government concerning ISIS. Most specifically, that Obama lied to our entire nation. Am I condemning solely Obama? No. Bush also lied to the entire county to get Americans to support invading Iraq.

It is generally recognized among intelligent people that ISIS is a CIA creation, meant – once again – to galvanize support for the U.S government to kill hundreds of thousands, or millions, of people in countries that have never done anything to the U.S. In this instance, it is to overthrow the current government of Syria and replace Assad with a government that is U.S. sock-puppet, as the U.S. did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On my TV show I began telling my audience that ISIS was a CIA creation just 3 weeks after the first time any U.S. media outlet has used the name “ISIS”. Like many Americans, I wondered where ISIS had come from. One day no one had ever heard of it; the next day it was everywhere. That alone was bizarre. But the item that showed me the U.S. government was behind ISIS – long before investigative reporters and leaked documents told the story – was when, just two weeks after the name “ISIS” burst into the U.S. media scene, a retired U.S. general gave an interview in which he stated that ISIS was the most significant threat to civilization the West had ever faced. To believe the General, one would have to accept that ISIS had gone from “never been heard of” to the “most significant threat to civilization the West had ever faced” in two weeks! That’s impressive. And it’s also bullshit. Absent the CIA being behind it and telling the media what it wants the media to say, a major threat to the civilized world develops over time, not in a week or two.

Beginning in September 2014, with Congressional approval, the United States began bombing what it claimed were ISIS strongholds in Syria. That was also a lie. The bombs were falling not on the CIA contractor known as ISIS, but on Syrian targets meant to undermine Assad’s ability to govern. By creating ISIS, then using its manufactured existence to fool the American people into approving bombing, the U.S. government ended up being able to use air power against Assad while the false flag “enemy” – ISIS – provided ground troops operating against Assad.

Then, in Oct 2015, Russia started actually bombing the U.S. contractors known as ISIS, in Syria, and ISIS forces collapsed within days. Does anyone really believe the Russian Air Force could accomplish in 12 days what the U.S. could not do in 12 months? Of course not. The difference is that the Russians were actually bombing the U.S. contractors known as “ISIS”. The U.S. had been telling the American people it was bombing ISIS while actually bombing targets related to removing Assad.

So why all the lies and manipulation?

The kings of old used to simply tell the people they were going to war, and that was that. Today, in modern civilized countries, the government must convince the people that it is imperative to go to war. Because the people vote, elected officials want to the voters to support their wars. After all, a politician’s first priority is getting re-elected. And no government on earth is as talented at lying to manipulate its citizens into supporting war as the U.S. government.

I’m going to give you the historical facts. Unfortunately, the time constraints of this format prevent me from providing all the underlying evidence. However, I did so on my TV show, so if you have any questions about the underlying evidence please avail yourself of the show archives, which can be accessed at

WWI – Americans were manipulated into supporting U.S. involvement in WWI. Prior to May of 1915, Americans had zero interests in getting involved in a European war. But on May 7th, 1915, German U-boats sank the RMS Lusitania, killing 128 U.S. citizens. And America was outraged. So how were the American people manipulated? Woodrow Wilson was an incredibly naïve President. His closest personal advisor was Edward Mandell House, commonly known as Col. House, despite having no military experience. He represented the banking interests. House had travelled to England some months before the sinking of the Lusitania and had worked out the details with First Lord of the British Admiralty, Winston Churchill, on how to have a British liner with American citizens on-board sunk by German U-boats in order to get Americans to support the U.S. entering what would have otherwise remained strictly a European affair. The Lusitania was British flagged and carrying war materials from the U.S. to England. The German government had gone so far as to place ads in various New York newspapers warning Americans not to travel on the Lusitania because it was a legitimate target of war. But the real crime was what happened next. As per the agreement between House and Churchill, records show that Churchill ordered Britain’s highly successful sub-killing ships out of the area as Lusitania approached the British Isles. In other words, the Germans knew the Lusitania was coming, and as per his agreement with House, Churchill pulled the only protection the ocean liner would have from German U-boats. The American public had been lied to, and thus successfully manipulated, and the rest is history. 117,000 dead Americans.

WWII – Once again, Americans had no interest in getting involved in another European war. But FDR and his cronies wanted the U.S. in the war. Looking across the Atlantic, FDR saw no way into Europe’s war. Neither Germany nor Italy were going to give the U.S. any excuse to enter the conflict. But looking in the other direction – across the Pacific – things looked different. In 1940 Japan signed the Tripartite Act with Germany and Italy, creating what became known as “The Axis powers.” Japan was at war with China, and the U.S. supported China in that conflict. FDR told Japan to stop its war against China. Japan, quite understandably, refused. After all, the U.S. didn’t set Japanese military policy. In response, throughout 1940, FDR embargoed Japan on iron. 75% of Japan’s iron came from the U.S. Then FDR embargoed copper. 93% of Japan’s copper came from the U.S. And finally FDR embargoed oil. 80% of Japan’s oil came from the U.S. Japan was forced to invade indo-china to acquire the items it could no longer purchase from the U.S. But first it would need to take out the U.S. Pacific Fleet because the U.S. would almost certainly send its navy to stop Japan from raiding countries under European imperial control. It was no mystery that Japan would attack the U.S. Pacific Fleet. In fact, on Oct 8th, 1940, the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral James Richardson told FDR exactly that, and told FDR he wanted his ships out of Pearl Harbor. FDR order the fleet to remain there. FDR was counting on a Japanese attack. He needed a Japanese attack. Because of the Tripartite Act Germany and Italy were obligated by treaty to fight with Japan if it was attacked. So, if FDR could get Japan to attack the Fleet, and then get Congress to declare war on Japan, FDR would have his path into the European war, which is what he and his cronies so badly sought. The American public had been lied to, and thus successfully manipulated, and the rest is history. 407,000 dead Americans.

Vietnam – For reasons I won’t go into here, the U.S. military-industrial complex wanted an indo-china war. The Gulf of Tonkin indecent provided the excuse they needed. President Johnson and several leading Senators told the American people that North Vietnamese coastal patrol boats had attacked the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy. But NSA top-secret intercepts of radio communications during the alleged attack were declassified in 2005 and show that it was the Maddox that had fired on the North Vietnamese patrol boats, without the North Vietnamese vessels having fired on the Maddox – as Johnson and his cronies had falsely told the American people. Five days later Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The American public had been lied to, and thus successfully manipulated, and the rest is history. 58,000 dead Americans.

9/11 – If you still believe that the events of 9/11 were perpetrated by 19 idiots with towels on their heads, and that the government’s narrative is true, just turn this off. The only people who believe the government’s narrative are those who are too lazy to look at the facts, or are government sycophants. Who actually perpetrated the events of 9/11 remains a mystery at this time. But just like any criminal investigation, if you don’t have enough evidence to determine who the bad guys are, you begin by looking at who benefitted from the criminal act. In this case, there is no question who is the major recipient of the benefits of 9/11; the U.S. national security apparatus and the military-industrial complex. But unlike past con-jobs that manipulated the American people into supporting war by pointing directly at a nation-state, 9/11 was used to create fear and anger toward an entire region, as well as the pervasive religion of that region. George Bush then used the events of 9/11 to galvanize American support for invading two countries that had done nothing to the U.S. – ever – and had zero do with 9/11. The American public had been lied to, and thus successfully manipulated, and the rest is history. 6,700 dead Americans.

And now we come full circle – back to Syria. And again the U.S. government has lied to you in order to get your elected representatives to vote to give the Executive Branch the authority to murder people who’ve never done a thing to the U.S. I suspect a whole lot more Americans would still believe the ISIS lie if Russia hadn’t bombed the U.S. contractor called ISIS operating in Syria out of existence in less than 2 weeks. That opened a lot of eyes in this country. Thank you Mr. Putin.


Let me point something out. Rarely do the American people have evidence they’re being lied to and manipulated at the moment they’re being lied to and manipulated. British Admiralty radio records concerning the Lusitania didn’t become available until after Churchill’s death. Historians didn’t put all the pieces together concerning FDR’s plan to get the Japanese to attack Pearl until decades later. The NSA intercepts weren’t declassified until 41 years after the fact. Hell, 1,100 CIA documents concerning JFK’s assassination are still being withheld from the public and aren’t scheduled for release until October 2017 – and if George Herbert Walker Bush isn’t dead by then, they’ll probably be resealed for several more years.

And you can’t count on the press to tell you the truth. I recently saw a show on the History Channel, made well after the public release of the NSA intercepts concerning the Gulf of Tonkin, that still parroted the original lie that the Vietnamese patrol boat fired on the Maddox.

My point being, simply because you may not have real-time evidence you’re being played by the U.S. government doesn’t mean you should support it in its quest for constant war. History informs us that the American people rarely want to go to war and so American traitors in high places construct lies to manipulate you into supporting murdering people on the other side of the planet who have never done anything to us or our nation.

One of the several ways the American people can re-assert their control over this nation is to no longer allow themselves to be childishly manipulated into supporting the corrupt murderous agenda of the elites.

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