Income Tax: Shattering The Myths

Have you ever heard the income tax is unconstitutional (or otherwise illegal)?  Of course; I think we all have. Those claims are bullshit.


But guess what? There IS an unrecognized truth about the income tax that is not only intellectually intriguing but also critical knowledge if Americans are to reclaim their fleeting liberty!





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Let me state the unrecognized truth plainly right here, right now without equivocation: THE INCOME TAX DOES NOT APPLY TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS.


Guess who says so? THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!  (Didn’t see that one coming did you?)


You are govt's victim


Yes, my friends, Income Tax: Shattering The Myths is 419 pages of what the U.S. Government has said – and said repeatedly – about the EXTREMELY LIMITED SCOPE OF THE INCOME TAX.


OK, OK, you caught me…not ALL 419 pages are what the U.S. Government says. I do engage in a wee bit of commentary at times!  A realistic number would be that 90% of the book contains the Government’s own information about the extremely limited scope of the income tax.


Did you know although the odds are overwhelming that you’re not “the guy” (who is liable for income tax), you can do, and almost certainly do, certain specific things that say to the Government, “Hey! Over here. I’m the guy!”  Now, how foolish is that?!


Most people believe in the Right of Self-Defense. If you had to go into a really bad part of town, at night, you’d take a cop, right?  Oh, wait…cops are too heavy. OK, so instead of a cop, you’d take a handgun. Common sense, right?


Where’s the common sense in repeatedly declaring to the Government that you’re “the guy” – when you’re NOT “the guy” – just because you haven’t read a book?  If you looked up the definition of ‘not common sense’, it would be exactly that!


So look…this isn’t rocket science. You can get informed, stop falsely declaring you’re “the guy”, and get some of your lost freedom back – or you can be a fucking idiot who chooses to remain ignorant.


Did I just call you a ‘fucking idiot’? Not at all – because I know YOU are going to buy the book and get some liberty!


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