The War on Drugs is a complete and utter failure at ending – or even significantly reducing – the manufacture, importation, or use of prohibited substances by free market consumers.

A few things at which the War on Drugs is not a failure:

  • Government destroying the lives of millions of people.
  • The murder of countless people by government in the quest to enforce prohibition.
  • Creating in the U.S. the largest per-capita prison population of any country in the world – by far. (Land of the Free, baby!)
  • Creating off-the-chart wealth for drug cartels and amazing emperor-like opulent lifestyles for drug lords.
  • The obscene and insane militarization of American law enforcement.
  • Creating the mindset in which every little podunk town has to have a SWAT team so they can blow doors off and shoot dogs and kill people – at the wrong address.
  • Eliminating one of the primary attributes of being a free man; deciding what substances you can put in your own body.
  • Almost single-handedly destroying the protections of the 4th Amendment as existed before the 1970s, due to federal judges having carved out numerous “exceptions” at the request of federal prosecutors. After 40+ years of the War on Drugs, the 4th Amendment is a mere ghost of its former self.
Is full legalization the answer? I believe so. It has worked beautifully for Portugal. Addiction is seen for what it really is – a health problem that needs to be dealt with by health workers, not men with clubs, guns, and cages.

America returning to being a Land of Liberty isn’t going to happen overnight. Complete legalization may be many years off. But for Christ sake, marijuana?

Anyone who thinks free men should be locked in cages for smoking a weed they can grow in their backyard, that has virtually no significant health issues associate with its use, is a complete fucking moron who is too stupid to breed – or breath for that matter.