Learn How Illegal Government Conduct Forever Changed My Life.

How Long Have They Been Doing It To You, Without You Realizing It?

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How Many Copies?



Here’s what you get:

You get “income tax: Shattering the Myths” – obviously

I personally inscribe and autograph your copy.

You get a special two-hour video presentation in which I discuss my 15 years assisting people who know the truth about the income tax to live it out successfully.

And if that isn’t enough, you get 2 other videos in which I explain some of the key elements covered in the book, such as the use of common tax forms with which you’re undoubtedly familiar. Here’s a hint: When you see what the law actually limits them to, you’re going to be really pissed off.

And if that isn’t enough, wait till you see to whom the Treasury Dept – in its own internal documents – has restricted the use of the Form 1040. Guess what? You’re….not…on…the…list!

I’m telling you – your head is going to explode when you see the truth for yourself.

Oh…and I pick up the shipping.


How Many Copies?