Dave Champion has a serious love affair with body art!

But it wasn’t always that way.

He was raised during a time when teenagers were strenuously warned that tattoos were a death sentence to a successful career in virtually any field – except perhaps a sailor.

Throughout most of his life Champion declined to get tattooed, including his time as an Army Ranger. After the military he was often putting handcuffs on people with gang members tattoos. Then it was high-end corporate sales; an occupation hardly conducive to tattoos.

The new millennium found Champion doing political talk radio and engaged as a legal consultant on federal regulatory matters – activities in which he was heard but rarely seen. The time was right! He set out to collect his first small piece of body art; a Ranger-style scroll on his left shoulder with the words “Molon Labe”. (That small tattoo has since been covered by a much larger piece.)

There was no looking back!


Today Champion is tattooed over a good part of his body, including his hands, fingers, and neck; locations sometimes thought (by pin-heads) to be socially and/or professionally unacceptable.

Ironically, in 2012 Champion – now all tat’d up – took his political talk show to television. Every week he went on-air with his tattoos on full display, becoming the first and only (so far) TV political talk show host in America to do so.

With a storied life including military, law enforcement, corporate sales, radio, television, firearms/tactics trainer, business owner, and legal consulting – as well as having an IQ in the top 2% and being highly articulate – Champion is an outspoken opponent of the ignorance of tattoo discrimination. He has written numerous articles about discrimination generally, and a number focusing specifically on tattoo discrimination. Those articles can be found on the main blog page.

For those who are interested in embarking on the wonderful, fun, world of being tattooed, the blog also contains an article on how to select a tattoo artist!